Nuevo proyecto!

Football Heroes


Mini prototipo para el “PULMONEAR: “3 MINUTOS MATAFUEGO”


Update: nuevo algoritmo de generacion de puertas y llaves


Shocking Chain Screenshot

A lot of time without updates, I’ve been working in several upcoming projects but this time is the turn for Shocking Chain!

Shocking Chain has been sponsored by Spiked Math in it’s web version, you can play it for free here

The game levels are created in a procedural way, giving the possibility to have lots of them (actually 1000 in Shocking Chain plus the unlimited daily challenges)

I’ve still a lot to learn and experiment in this level design approach and my current projects are strongly based on it so stay tuned!


It’s also available at Google Play and Blackberry App World



The latest edition of Gravity Football Champions!

NOTE: if you have a broken version in your website, download a fixed version here


Great news!, I finished 2nd runner up at the BlackBerry Partners Fund with Bubbler!

Latin America:

Best Adobe Flash and Adobe AIR app winners announced in the BlackBerry Partners Fund Developer Challenge

I already received the prizes (a brand new Playbook and a Torch & other unmaterial) and I’m very happy =)

A new version of my favourite game: Xee Bee

Features new graphics, 2 new planes, a full new engine, new gameplay (a lot more intiuitive) and more!


Stay tuned, the web version will be released soon!

We start august with a fresh new game: Bubbler!

Fill the screen with bubbles while avoiding the blowfishes (they don’t like bubbles for some reason =P)

if you like the game and want it ported to another platform drop me a line =)

I’m glad to announce that the game I coded for Heavy Boat is live at Cartoon Network!

Play it online now!

I’m happy to announce that Gravity Football is now available in the Blackberry Playbook App World!

This is a huge step for me, I’m starting to move from an ads only revenue model to a mixed model, that includes direct sales.

I really don’t know if this is going to work, but I love to research new platforms =)


This game is a full port, with all new screens and redesigned gameplay. Also, there are a lot of bugfixes and enhancements.

You can check the latest news at the Gravity Football Facebook Page

For the first time I can say: Buy it Now! =P