After a lot of redesign, refactor, blood, tears and refactor again, Realms of Idle now supports multiple scenarios!

I’m glad to share the new scenario Realms of Odin, based on the norse mythology:

New units include:

  • Viking
  • King Viking
  • Elf Archer
  • Siege Dwarf
  • Ice Troll
  • Ice Giant
  • Kraken (the first myth monster!)
  • Berserker
  • Siegfried (our first hero!)
  • Valkyrie
  • Thor (our first god, you will need it to conquer Asgard ;))

I’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions for new scenarios.

As a hint for future releases, the rainbow in Miltenberg is the Bifrost Bridge that leads to Asgard, home of the Norse Gods.

If your are looking for one of the best incremental games for Android you are in the right place! 😉

Get it now for free at Google Play!

Tacticaler Header

Tacticaler continues growing and is now in Closed Beta.

You can test the Beta by joining at I love to hear your feedback!

I’m releasing weekly updates based on the feedback I receive from testers and my internal plannig.

Here are some screenshots from the latest release:

28-5-16-tooltip 28-5-16-arrowPath 28-05-screen03 28-05-screen02

Tacticaler Prototype


En breve el primer prototipo jugable de Tacticaler!

Más novedades en la fan page:

Tacticaler Game



Salió la primera edición de ATADO, una oferta temática mensual en formato “pagá lo que quieras” por la que obtendrás cómics, música, libros, tipografías, videojuegos, etc., independientes y en formato digital.

En esta primera edición hay 7 cómics y fanzines en versión PDF y CBZ:

ATADO static.squarespace.com5 static.squarespace.com6 static.squarespace.com7 static.squarespace.com2 static.squarespace.com3

Termina en 11 días!

Semana 7.5 =)!

007-Demo (more…)

Semana 6!

005-Demo3 (more…)

Semana 5!

004-Demo (more…)

Semana 4!



Semana 3 con un prototipo jugable!

Football Heroes Dev