I have a lot of projects in mind for the following months, but I don’t know what exactly will be the next, here is a brief list:

Xee Bee: Dogfight, an aerial combat game with the same perspective as Xee Bee but shooting down other planes. Featuring heat seeking missiles =)
Gravity Football Android, a port of a mixed version of the original Gravity Football with the common improvements of Gravity Football 2 for Android phones
Invaders Payback, this game have little in common with Invaders Zero, the whole idea is to capture enemy ships and equip them with custom equipment while fighting the invaders back to their home. I think this is the biggest project so far…
– And the boring part, complete redesign of this site (did you realize that I haven’t change the ilmare logo? =P)

So, I have A LOT to do, but I’ll be glad if you people tell what do you think is better to start with

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