Football + Gravity = Experimental gameplay =)

Check out the Final Gravity Football Release

You are the blue team, move your player with the arrow keys or WASD.
Use space bar to shoot.

If the ball touches the opposite anti-grav goalkeeper you score.

Note: only quick match is playable at the moment

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8 Responses to “Gravity Football (CODEAR Version)”

  1. testeando comments

  2. Hello! I’m Sarañanganga from South Africa.
    I love Berugo Walter!
    Salud, os Pipens!

  3. jajajajajajajjaja espectaculaaaaar

  4. Hello! It´s nice. but I trate to play and the controls not response to me and I never was the blue team (Im select 1 vs cpu). but I win, that is prety.
    One question, Can you put more players (for a team) in the match? for the moment I see one player in my team.
    I sorry! I like to be a nuisance.
    by the way, congratulations for everything!!
    Your games its too more than I can made.
    You are brilliant!

  5. saludos desde venezuela, les felicito por el juego xee bee, el gravity football, todavia no lo entiendo bien. en latinoamerica se hacen cosas muy buenas. la musica de l gravity tambien es muy buena.

  6. Gracias por el apoyo Ricardo! =)

    El Gravity Football todavia no esta terminado, actualmente estoy trabajando en una nueva version que estara saliendo a fines de agosto o septiembre.

    Hay muchas cosas que faltan mejorarle todavia, vamos a ver si se entiende mejor en la version final =)

  7. Hi! I definitely enjoy your games very much, but could you please make a hidden objects game? I know you can! 😉

  8. Thank you for your kind words Eugenia, buuut I’m not making any hidden objects game in a near future 😛

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