I’m glad to announce that the game I coded for Heavy Boat is live at Cartoon Network!

Play it online now!

I’m happy to announce that Gravity Football is now available in the Blackberry Playbook App World!

This is a huge step for me, I’m starting to move from an ads only revenue model to a mixed model, that includes direct sales.

I really don’t know if this is going to work, but I love to research new platforms =)


This game is a full port, with all new screens and redesigned gameplay. Also, there are a lot of bugfixes and enhancements.

You can check the latest news at the Gravity Football Facebook Page

For the first time I can say: Buy it Now! =P

Nuevo juego, esta vez en castellano porque es sobre un tema muy Argentino: Perón

Elige tu propio Peron


EVA 2010

ilMare Games will be at the Indie Showcase this Saturday from 11 AM to 13 PM =).
We will be presenting several games including Invaders Zero, Gravity Football 2 and (maybe) Xee Bee

For further information http://expoeva.com/

I have a lot of projects in mind for the following months, but I don’t know what exactly will be the next, here is a brief list:

Xee Bee: Dogfight, an aerial combat game with the same perspective as Xee Bee but shooting down other planes. Featuring heat seeking missiles =)
Gravity Football Android, a port of a mixed version of the original Gravity Football with the common improvements of Gravity Football 2 for Android phones
Invaders Payback, this game have little in common with Invaders Zero, the whole idea is to capture enemy ships and equip them with custom equipment while fighting the invaders back to their home. I think this is the biggest project so far…
– And the boring part, complete redesign of this site (did you realize that I haven’t change the ilmare logo? =P)

So, I have A LOT to do, but I’ll be glad if you people tell what do you think is better to start with

Gravity Football 2: Champions (more…)

Invaders Zero

Invaders Zero finally arrived!


Invaders are coming soon!

Warning! Invaders on sight!
(yes, they are coming from space =) )

Gravity Football 2: World Cup 2010 South Africa


Gravity Football 2 (more…)